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What Is Information Security? 

Information security is defined as the application of intercepting unauthorised access, observance, modification and destruction of information. Information in constituted as anything that conveys meaning. Examples of these are your social media profiles, your biometrics and information stored on your mobile phone. Therefore, information security (InfoSec) is applicable to a number of research sectors. Included in these are online social media and mobile computing, among other areas. Keep reading for more on why you and/or your business need InfoSec.

The Importance and Role of Information Security: 

  • It protects the ability for businesses to operate effectively.
  • Information Security ensures that applications pertaining to IT systems can function safely.
  • Organisational collection and usage of data is protected.
  • Technology used by organisations is safeguarded. 

InfoSec Operates on Certain Basic Principles, Namely: 

  • Confidentiality – it is important that information is not disclosed or compromised to unauthorised persons or organisations. An example of this would be if you input your password in you Facebook account while someone watches you. Your password would then be compromised an there would be a breach in confidentiality. 
  • Integrity – this refers to the fact that data cannot be compromised in an unorthodox way. It must remain accurate and complete at all times.
  • Availability – information must be availed when it is required. An example would be when employee information is required regarding application of leave, and the balance of this leave. 
  • Non-repudiation – the principle where one party cannot contradict the receipt of a message or transactional entity, just as the other party cannot deny dispatching or sending the said message or transactional entity. 

Information security is a fundamental need for individuals and businesses alike. Because information is so important and sensitive, the protection thereof is inviolable. The only way to ensure that your business or individual information remains protected is to secure it. This is especially important for when a crises arises. 

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