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With so many businesses having to adapt to remote working during this time, I.T. support is a huge must. Many organisations have adopted new digital strategies in order to accommodate for risk management processes in order to keep their businesses afloat. We discuss a variety of software applications and I.T. support you might require during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Computer whizzes and system administrators are often required to provide I.T. support at all hours of the day and night so as to provide assistance with software and hardware issues. It has become increasingly challenging for I.T support workers to provide support as more and more businesses shift to remote working environments.

Remote Working During the Pandemic 

While many businesses have already adopted strategies that seem to be work for them, many others are still trying to get into the rhythm of working from home. We provide a few handy suggestions pertaining to I.T. support and remotely accessible systems below.  

Screen-Sharing  During Remote Working

This cloud-based application can prove extremely useful as a screen-sharing tool. When things prove difficult to explain over the phone, you can hop onto this app and do a “show and tell,” sharing the documents and files displayed on your screen. Another fantastic free option with the same features is AnyDesk. 

Applications for Team Chatting 

Microsoft Teams is a great way to touch base with your team or fellow colleagues. It allows for file sharing, and video- or voice-calling. Slack is another go-to option, and comes with a free version to be utilised by teams. 

Video Conferencing Applications 

As mentioned above, Microsoft Teams is one option for video conferencing. Another popular tool is Zoom, which has seen a large amount of businesses utilising the application as of late. Zoom is a great tool if you require a large number of employees to partake in the video conference or call. Naturally, sometimes a little bit of “face-to-face” interaction goes a long way! 

Online Office Suites 

Back in the day, it was a norm to see people purchasing office suite packages and having to manually install them on their devices. Now, we are spoilt for choice with a variety of cloud-based options. G Suite is a popular option for Google Docs, Sheets and more, and Microsoft Office Online is popular for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and its other applications. 

If your business still requires other forms of I.T. support, feel free to get in touch with F1 Connect today! Check out our full service offering for more on what we do.