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Azure Active Directory offers employees in various organisations the ability to perform tasks optimally, with access to services such as databases and Azure container services for assigning usernames and passwords. Following the popular trend, Azure AD is a cloud-based directory. Learn more about this innovative application below. 

What is Azure Active Directory? 

Azure AD is a cloud-hosted directory and identity management service that assists businesses in joining numerous services which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Azure AD presents as a solution for administrators having to manage multiple login credentials all at once. With Azure AD, admins can access all the services they need with a single username and password. 

How Will Azure Active Directory Benefit My Business? 

Azure AD boasts a host of benefits for your organisation, at a fraction of the cost. We mention some of these benefits below: 

  • Increased productivity among employees & within the workplace as a whole 
  • The ability to build apps 
  • Cut costs 
  • Freedom to build, manage and deploy software applications on an international scale 
  • Presents as a secure and private cloud service provider 

How Does Azure Compare to Other Clouds? 

As the only consistent hybrid cloud platform, Azure features the most regions that its competitors. Coupled with the fact that it offers all-inclusive compliance coverage and delivers incomparable developer productivity, Azure presents as a comprehensive solution to complexities experienced in various industries. 

Which Industries is Azure Ideal For? 

Azure can be used in almost any industry, but we name a few that stand out the most below: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Services 
  • Retail 
  • Government 
  • Manufacturing 

If a comprehensive and unparalleled software solution to managing user id’s, building applications, and accessing numerous cloud services from anywhere is what you require for your business, then Azure is the answer. As a renowned cloud-hosted service, you and your employees can manage—and access — everything you need to perform tasks optimally. 

If you’d like to get Azure Active Directory (AD) for your organisation, or you have certain questions that weren’t answered in this article, chat to a friendly F1 Connect agent for more information. We pride ourselves on offering recognised information technology systems to various enterprises.