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As software continues to evolve with the times, hardware must, in turn, be married in the process. The two go hand in hand. But as computer technology becomes more complex and adapts to the needs of businesses, individuals and the era we live in, the real question arises: what is the future of computer hardware? This blog discusses this in detail, with respected opinions from experts. Keep reading for more.

Hardware for the Future: Quantum Computing

A few expert opinions within the industry were gathered to analyse what they thought the future of hardware will become. Achin Bhowmik from Intel Corporation maintains that we are on the brink of revolutionary times in computing technology, with innovative changes in technologies relating to elements of sensory and processing. This means that machines will continue to adopt the ability to “see, hear, feel and understand,” conveying meaning with the world. This results in more realistic interaction with humans while configuring the real world.

Randy Copeland from Velocity Micro claims that technology will be even more interactive. While small touchscreens won’t be completely eliminated, voice control will take preference. Simply put, devices will adopt “natural language voice recognition” techniques to respond to or implement commands and ask questions. Such devices will be designed to adapt to and work in relation with the environment.

Samsung Electronics HQ’s Sergio Flores is certain that the future of hardware is dependent on nanotechnology and quantum computing. The increased need for high-speed computer technology has resulted in experts needing to consider the potential use of “quantum mechanical phenomena to solve operations.” Like the reality of computation operating at high speeds, nanotechnology will become a requirement as the efforts to shrink the size of devices will result in components reaching “subatomic levels” and kickstart the “era of nanotechnology where everything is worked at molecular levels.”

So, while it all seems so confusing right now, think back to many years ago where we never dreamed of even half the technology we have today. Look at how we have evolved, and how technology continues to evolve with us. Consider the computers we had that were almost the size of a room, and how we can hold one in the palm of our hands today. Hardware continues to become faster in speed and smaller in size. The future of hardware remains exciting.

Please note that the above information has been sourced from a write-up by the “Future of Everything.”

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