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Microsoft Active Directory, also known as Microsoft AD, is one of the most utilised and fundamental software tools known to man. There aren’t many organisations out there that can outwardly say they have never made use of it at some point, with many who are still using it today. We discuss the importance of Microsoft AD software below. 

Microsoft AD is a collation of services which assist in the management of devices and users on a network. Primarily utilised by Windows applications, it helps to enable single sign-on and manage access. In essence, this software allows I.T. administrators to direct applications, users, data and a number of other variables in an organisational network. 

Active Directory security is essential for the protection of user credentials, sensitive data, organisational systems, software applications, and other aspects from unauthorised access. 

Active Directory (AD) and its Need for Security 

Considering the fact that an active directory is fundamental to the authorisation of access, users and applications, it would be a natural target from hackers and the likes. Should a cyber attack breach the security of an active directory, this could jeopardise the security of all databases various types of information, user accounts and the overall security of the directory itself. 

Examples of Threats to Active Directory Platforms 

Below are some areas which may be prone to threats in an active directory: 

  • Default security settings: hackers are well-versed in the language of default security settings. Naturally these may not be ideal for your company’s needs. 
  • Irregular access granted to a plethora of staff 
  • Simple passwords for admin accounts 
  • Unlimited access to the AD by lower-level staff 

Best Practices for the Security of the AD: 

  • Govern active directory administrative access 
  • Check and change default security settings 
  • Ensure that patching of vulnerabilities is done regularly 
  • Enable the backing up and recovery of the active directory 
  • Utilise real-time audits and alerts 

Microsoft Active Directory is your go-to for the security and management of users, applications, sensitive information and other crucial factors requiring protection in an organisation’s network. Chat to us to get security and protection for your business’ network security today.