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Microsoft Outlook is a popular choice as an email application for businesses. Widely utilised across the globe, it offers a user-friendly experience for professional correspondence, while being directly linked to your calendar. We discuss the benefits of using Outlook for your business below. 

Outlook for Your Organisation

Microsoft Outlook allows for an integrated email, contacts and calendar platform. As email is a fundamental means of correspondence within the workforce, Outlook helps to get things done by synchronizing meetings, searching for contact information, and direct dialing of conference calls. 

Benefits of Microsoft Outlook for Business 

  • Access your emails offline and respond to emails without being connected to the internet. Emails are then sent when internet access occurs again. 
  • Get access to organised messages with the folder system, allowing you to view and send messages – and attachments – in one place. 
  • Create appointments and view your schedule with the efficient calendar feature. You can also send meeting requests to your contacts quickly and easily. 
  • Outlook offers great security when kept up to date. Its junk mail filtering and external content-blocking features are highly favoured, particularly within business arenas where data is highly sensitive. 
  • Categorise email content to your liking and stay organised by assigning categories. You can even assign multiple categories to one email. Go even further and colour-coded categories. You can do it all with Outlook. 
  • Schedule meeting rooms and other resources by adding them to your meeting as a resource. This way, you are able to view whether it is currently occupied and when it will be free again, which is great for meetings and training sessions. 
  • You can ignore irrelevant conversations which don’t pertain to you with the click of a button. All existing and new conversations and emails will automatically be moved the “Deleted Items” folder. 
  • Sharing and managing calendars for administrative tasks has never been easier. Decide whether to share your availability status with others for a meeting, or decide on whether to include meeting agendas, location, and other participants. 

It’s clear why Microsoft Outlook is a preferred software application for business. With so many added benefits, it rivals as a highly popular alternative to other email applications. Get Microsoft Outlook for your business today and allow F1 Connect to set you up with a seamless email application for your organisation.