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Network security that utilises a firewall is of the utmost importance in today’s day and age. However, it tends to be costly and, for some, extremely complex. What if we told you there was a software platform that incorporates every aspect of security, all in one? We introduce you to a firewall software by Untangle. 

Untangle’s NG Firewall 

This innovative software application was designed with the ever-changing requirements of various organisations in mind. In particular, it considers those smaller business entities that cannot accommodate unlimited IT resources and expanding budgets. The NG firewall platform is an interface that allows its users to easily navigate the traffic on their network/s. 

Some of the Firewall Features Include: 

  • Content filtering; 
  • Advanced threat protection; 
  • VPN connectivity; and 
  • Application-based shaping for optimal bandwidth. 

An In-Depth View of the Firewall Features 

The visibility, control and security of this platform takes into consideration aspects such as cyber threats and gateway security. We analyse some of these features below. 

Complete Gateway Security 

The security includes proactive protection from malware, phishing, hacking and other threats to devices. 

In-Depth Analysis and Insights 

Now you can receive insights in real time without having to access a different platform. Network status is displayed on the user-friendly dashboard, and alerts can be activated for arbitrary user behaviour or network irregularities. 

Future Generation Filtering 

Manage spam, web request encryptions, the distribution of malware, malvertising attempts and more with the user-friendly filtering feature. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

The ScoutIQ cyber threat intelligence collates unknown telemetry information of files, Internet Protocols (IPs) and URLs across the NG Firewall deployments. All this is done while performing threat analyses across the broad spectrum of traffic types on today’s networks. This, in turn, allows for another level of protection and defense against unrecognised threats. 

Outstanding Performance & Connectivity 

With so many organisations adopting a work-from-home strategy, this feature proves vital. It meets the requirements of remote working, guest WiFi and more. Protect your users and data from any location or accessibility. This feature maximises uptime while simultaneously saving corporate entities time and money. 

The NG Firewall platform is a navigation-friendly platform that incorporates the ever-changing community of applications and technologies. The approach taken by this platform encourages a friendly approach for users to utilise and manage the functionality by simplifying the user interface experience. 

If you need to learn more about how this platform can benefit your home or business, chat to us. Get protection for your network by consulting with us today.