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All businesses need I.T. support, but whether you need an in-house team is debatable. There are many benefits as to why you should outsource I.T. support, from saving money to working with qualified professionals. It’s a great solution for small business who don’t have the resources for their own teams but is a viable choice for any business that’s interested in the smart solution.

What does outsourcing I.T. support involve?

When you’re in need of I.T. assistance, as a business you are able to approach companies who solely focus on providing I.T. solutions. These teams often consist of skilled individuals that can see to a range of unique problems. You’re able to make use of their services for individual projects or general admin for short to long term periods instead of hiring a full-time team.

The benefits:

  • It’s a cost-effective strategy – hiring someone to do the job can be a good idea but that would involve a regular salary as well as training, etc. Whereas when you outsource you’ll only need to pay per job done without the hassle of HR issues. Plus, you most likely won’t have to make office arrangements for the team, which in itself will save you money.
  • You can focus on your business – knowing that someone is figuring out the problems and solving them means you’ll be able to focus on other important things within the business.
  • Experienced I.T. professionals – You get the benefit of working with teams that are dedicated to one thing, work seamlessly together and are more likely to have the experience necessary to solve problems which trump an in house team of individuals with various backgrounds forced to work together.
  • Compete with the big players – an in-house team would require more resources, potentially putting the business in a bad spot financially. However, when outsourcing, you’ve got a highly qualified team seeing to your issues, meaning you’ll be able to compete with even bigger companies out there.


There are more positives than there are negatives when making use of this option. If you’re interested in outsourcing an I.T. team get in touch with F1 Connect today.