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What is Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)? 

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) presents as a solution to managing domain services like group policies and domain join. These domain services can be used without having to deploy, patch and/or manage domain controllers in the cloud. 

Azure AD DS managed domains give you the freedom to operate legacy apps which do not work with modern authentication styles, from within the cloud. Azure AD DS are merged into your current Azure Active Directory (AD) space. It is because of this integration that you can easily access current services and apps simply by signing in with your current user id and password to access the managed domain. 

How does Azure Active Directory Domain Services Work? 

Upon the creation of your managed Azure AD DS domain, you end up with an original and specific namespace, specifically, your domain name. A replica set is then deployed to your preferred Azure region (replica sets are two Windows Server domain controllers [DCs]). 

Your replica set does not require any management, updating or configuration, thanks to the Azure platform handling all of these requirements on your behalf as an added benefit. 

What Are the Benefits of Azure AD DS? 

Azure AD DS boasts a variety of benefits for managing and deploying purposes. We name a few below: 

  • Featured integration with the Azure Directory: all user accounts, credentials and group memberships can be accessed directly within your Azure AD tenant. Any new additions or attribute changes are automatically synced to your Azure AD DS. 
  • A simpler deployment experience: Azure AD DS is enabled for Azure AD tenants using a single wizard within the Azure portal. 
  • Utilise your organisational credentials: login passwords reflect the same passwords used within your Azure tenant, meaning, you can use your corporate passwords sign in interactively or remotely via your desktop, to name a few ways. 

Azure AD DS boasts enhanced features for the management of domain services, whilst eliminating the hassle of having to deploy or manage domain controllers. As it is a feature that is accessed within the Azure Active Directory platform, chat to us to acquire these forward-thinking applications for your organisation today. Consult with F1 Connect for a host of innovative applications to optimise your business operations today.